Setting Yourself Up for Success: The Easy Way to Keep Your Closet Under Control — The Closet Cure Assignment #10

You’ve done it! Through sorting and straight, mix and match, you should come out on the other side of our two weeks together with a closet cleaner and more organized in thinking about your wardrobe. Through the process of decluttering and rebuild, you hopefully have learned a bit more about your style and what suits you, have pulled together some clothes you like and have a better idea about you need to add to make the appearance even better. But, before you pop the champagne to celebrate, you have only a little to do …

Get those bags and boxes filled with things you take to donate, donate!

Today is an important moment. That is when we remove all the stuff we’ve decided we do not need anymore, it is not just a great feeling; it is a mental and physical steps critical to work towards getting your closet under control. I know Mondays can be busy, but if you can manage to fix this in today, do it. Overcoming this chore off your to do list is not something to procrastinate – it can be tempting to donate stuffed bag somewhere to take care of “after” and before you know it, you would have been living with them for half a year!

If you really can not afford to match the donation today, please take the time at least to make a decision about where you are going to donate donate. Check the time and their process and get a drop out (or received if it is available!) On your calendar date sometime in the next 7 days.

And if you are planning to sell, start your research on where and how you can start making some money again.

If you are planning to deposit or list some of your clothes to sell (the “selling” the bag or box), started on the project that today, too. Do your research to find out “where” and the individual process to realize that on the road. Find the time to drop off at the consignment store or find out what you need to do to set up an online account at anywhere you choose to list – and good luck!

then, all you need do is follow through when you have time in the next few weeks. Good luck to all who are going the way of sales – I hope you make enough to buy yourself a really lovely item or two to replace the ones that no longer work well for you.

And, finally, the most important step in the Closet Cure to keep your things under control …

set up a new, permanent “out” bags, boxes or basket (or near) your wardrobe and then made aa commitment to yourself to spend one hour per month, every month moving forward, perform light maintenance to keep what you’ve created . If you stick to that schedule 60-minute-or-so-month, your wardrobe will be less likely to get out of control or overwhelmed again.

Also every hour maintenance month, you can:

– Do a quick, pull out anything that you just do not wear, enjoy or feel good again, and consideration put into the boxes out that you just set up today. You can try it on or if you are unsure, just pop it in the moment. When outbox, basket or bag is full, you can spend part of the time your monthly maintenance to pack it up and then set the motion to donate or sell items.

– Pull out anything that needs dry cleaning, repairs or changes and put them next to your front door for the next time you’re running errands in the neighborhood.

– Peruse socks, underwear, pants and other hardwearing items to see what needs to go into the rag bag, and add a reminder to replace your shopping list.

– Stretching the hook , turn all in the same direction, compression and buttoned items hanging as you go. Refold whatever we get stuffed into a drawer or on a shelf paste into the wild.

– pat yourself on the back for creating and kept clean, organized closet!

in the meantime, I know we’d all love to hear the last update and the success (or during!) story. If you can take the time to share your thoughts about the process Cure Your Closet and result in comment threads (for example: how do you feel about your wardrobe now, do How is your wardrobe look and feel and even how much you donate / is presented), it will be super fun for everyone to read.

Thanks again for all energy and your help to me and each other in this Cure. Enjoy the fruits of the labor of your wardrobe and keep up the good work!

(image credit: Vivian Johnson)

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10 "Livably Minimalist" Modern Kitchens from Real Homes


I think we need to coin a term new language. I call it “minimalist livably”, and uses it to describe people, mostly white space clean to attract the sensitivity of our Spartan, but also introduces some of the comforts of home . In other words, like a kitchen catalog futurist seriously cool, but one that looks like someone actually lived there.


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We're Hiring: Join Our Team of Global House Tour Contributors

love Apartment Therapy House Tours? You want to join our team and share the space style from one part of the world? Well, now is your time! We are making a special call for tourism to contribute. If you have strong photography skills, a great eye for style and be inspired by great designers and people who live in it, read on.

We are looking for people to take pictures and write the house Tours of all sizes and styles. (Candidates in local and international are welcome.) This is a payment, free position.


  • Tuesday, July 5 (We consider the application on the basis of rolling, so send it to earlier are welcome!)
  • the application should be sent via email (must have “search Contributor Tour” in the subject line) to: [email protected]


  • amazing photography skills and a good eye for color images
  • Exactly, confidence possibilities write
  • A strong sense of style and attention to interior
  • A high-speed computer and reliable Internet connection
  • A good quality digital camera / lens / foot
  • access to Photoshop, Lightroom editing program or equivalent


Please email the following information to [email protected] with “Tour Contributor search” as theme:

1. name, contact information and a link to your portfolio online photography yours.
Please include where you live and where you want to be able to shoot the tour.

2. What do you do full time

3. some idea of ​​the features you’d like in the future Tours

4. Complete the Tour form (instructions below)

(Note :. We do not send automated confirmation e-mail reply to the applications received, but you will hear from us I after we review your application)


  • There are at least 20 original, high-resolution JPEG image files that you are big (2000 pixels minimum, save for web and converted to sRGB). → We are looking for a combination of beautiful images; both vertically and horizontally oriented photos. You to Overall photography room as well as close-up shots. (File names with numbers in the order they should be seen as photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg …) We suggest using a free service such as Dropbox, and links to folders in e electronic applications.
  • Write a caption describing the image (they numbered to correspond to the image file name)
  • Basic Information
  • tour of the participants (name, location, size of home, the length of time they have lived there and whether the home is owned or rented)
  • Three short introduction
  • A survey of the filled-out tour completed by participants tours (for example in the form of tour link below)
  • A complete list of resources – including links to resources (for example in the form of tour link below)
  • A floor plan (can be a hand-drawn or sketched often used an online program by the landlord , it does not need to be “official” or to expand the scale.)

a model home tour can be viewed here to see all the components of a complete article.

See some examples of the larger tour:


  • Thursday July 3 5 (We consider the application on the basis of rolling, so send it to earlier are welcome!)
  • applications should be sent email ( “Tour Contributor search” must be in the subject line) to: [email protected]

(image credit photo: Emma Fiala; Anita Jeerage; Alicia Macias; Nancy Mitchell)

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Before & After: Practical Upgrades for a Brooklyn Kitchen — Sweeten

The kitchen in John and Kaija Brooklyn co-op began life as a small kitchen stove, but a previous owner had the clever idea to tear down the walls separated by a half-height, and top with remaining wall a counter. This makes a very spacious kitchen, but the new bar, located at an altitude inconvenience bar, is not particularly useful for the preparation, and storage remains a problem. John and Kaija, both love to cook, was forced to complete a lot of small appliances in the basement of his parents due to lack of space Kaija. So, they decided it was time for some changes.

the centerpiece of their new kitchen is old wall-turned-island, which is this combination of storage, a desk that significantly expands the workspace of the kitchen and the bar at a height accessible.

the other parts of the kitchen also witnessed significant changes. The old cabinets were replaced with the new matte white to match the new drawer on the island, and the old white tile floor has been replaced with a large contrast gray tile format, selected for durability of it.

Custom shelves next to the window provided on site perfect landing for cookbooks, cookware, and appliances as John and Kaija receiving wedding gifts (including a KitchenAid stand mixer beautiful stainless), which is no longer confined to the mother and the basement father.

John and Kaija regarded grinding marble table but end and decided they wanted something a little less high-maintenance. Instead they chose a desk pouring concrete, which is perfectly suited to the modern industrial vibe of the kitchen. Heavy duty stainless steel appliances (including a new range hood gorgeous) will stand up to years of cooking.

As a finishing touch, subway tiles, which runs all the way up to the ceiling, helping to demarcate the kitchen a bit of open space and lend a vintage feel.

Kaija and John found their contractors, Valeria and Eduard, through fresh, an online resource connecting homeowners in the city of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia with a network of architects, designers and contractors. You can read more about the project, see photos, and find sources of fresh blog.

(image credit: sweet)

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The ModCloth Founder's Closet Is Exactly as Amazing as You Think (Actually, More) — Closet Tour

have you seen Susan Gregg Koger ModCloth founders and Eric Koger style home in the San Francisco their tour. Susan shared personal style advice, closet organizing tips and resources some favorite style in her style profile. Now, take a deep dive into the wonderful sea of ​​vintage findings, ModCloth buying trendy shoes, accessories and more shiny in Susan’s tour wardrobe.

Susan’s advice on personal style is not only smart, but it also helps to like beautiful, colorful wardrobe and his very interesting:

“personal style is not about having more money or buy a lot of new things all the time ( although that could be fun!) it’s about finding pieces that speak to you and make you feel great. When you have true comfort in what you are wearing, but the program! it is not the “trend”, or even “it” item. as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found it easier to listen to my inner voice instead of looking outside of the themselves for fashion direction and I have never felt more stylish. “

her advice and her closet-show that sticking to the what you love, listen to your gut and fun can help shape any size closet that you have. (It also can help when selecting items to add to your wardrobe and choose which items sell out part.)

Closet Organizers (and mess-ignored) advice from the stylish profile of Susan:

“I tried to organize by color . So, what kind of items and in color, and I keep the things I wear more often closer and more easily accessible.

I really love merchandising out of my closet and not my time. It feels more special and gives me more inspiration when I was there.

And my biggest advice is not to beat yourself about it – obviously I do apartment clean prior to therapy and most of the time, my wardrobe is not that clean! Do not feel bad just closed out, or pulling a curtain across, messy. “

can not get enough of Susan’s closet? there is a video tour on site ModCloth!

Thanks, Susan!

(image credit: David Dines)

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15 Times Cross-Stitch Was Actually Incredibly Cool

This is not a cross-stitch of your grandmother. These projects take the form of small art X stitch with threads and turning it on its head. Giant mural painted cross-stitch, stitch sterling silver bracelet, an Ikea stool embroidered-trust me, there are many details to this profession than sampling the alphabet.

what to do now:

welcome guest your welcome sign with a cross-stitch. Designer Beci orpin on to create a magazine and bloggers Frankie Amber Wills shared her how to Wills Casa.

a cross-stitch projects related to a drilling machine and a FROSTA Ikea chair? Yes please. Find full instructions at Little roads.

Colorful criss- washi tape pass takes the position of the fiber in this project makes Kathy Beymer book “Washi tape Crafts” Amy Anderson (Workman).

A draw cross-stitch projects containers are perfect for creating needle phobia. How to find work in Craft & Creativity.

Here is what to do with all the cane chair is suddenly making a resurgence. Check the stitch-by-stitch on my poppet.

Dutch artist Eline Pellinkhof oversized painted wall murals increased freedom-but do not worry, you can follow the instructions at the Country Living painting.

Jump on the bandwagon cross-stitch overthrown by a motivational message from the home of Miranda. Choose one of the pieces ready to show ($ 40) or ordering a sassy touch to sew yourself ($ 15).

Build a wall decal commission, using x-shaped stickers from Lauren Moriarty-no fibers or paint required.

this chic DIY kit Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvigne is expensive (75 euros), but the experience of the stages of communication through porcelain? That’s priceless.

And here are some Pinspiration:

Who should throw pillow when your chair is decorated with giant woolen stitches? Designer Ellinor Ericsson describes its work as minimum Scandinavia meet more-is-more than the old.

designer jewelry party shows strong Baertling Caro embroidery by stitching through silver bracelet.

collection of tapestries, pillows, and bed Charlotte Lancelot dreams finally live in a room completely cross stitch a reality.

One cube containers Ariadne table at home took third on the afternoon cross stitch.

Do not limit yourself to one this single giant surface design increases detection on two sheets Decoratualma spread through the container. (And how great is the candleholders fork?)

cross-stitch up its street cred with artist Raquel Rodrigo pattern, woven wire mesh before going on the facade of a building in Valencia.

( photo credit: Freddie Billqvist; Frankie magazine; this trail; Washi Tape Crafts (Workman); Craft & creativity; my poppet; Bloesem; State of Miranda; Lauren Moriarty; Fab; Caro Baertling; GAN; Ariadne at home; Decoratualma; Arquicostura)

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How Can I Buy Something From A Company That Doesn't Ship to the US? — Good Questions

Q: I have a vexing problem: I find a rug that I really want from Denmark (one-this please see picture below), but I’ve contacted them and they are not sent to the United States! Is there a way to fix the problem like this or am I screwed? Thank you! -Sent By Ryan

Editor : What a cool carpet! Readers, do you have any tips and tricks to achieve stunning from international companies that do not ship to your country? Please share!

• Have a question for our community? Send us your pictures with an attached or two (questions with images receive first answer).

(image credit: ILVA)

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A San Franciscan Sets Down In Sydney — House Call

name: Caroline
address: Sydney, Australia

I am a transplant San Francisco to Sydney, and it was really important for me to create a new home from a new place. This is a studio apartment / one bedroom in trendy Surry Hills. I want to be in a place that reminded me of the Lower Haight, where I lived.

overall, my apartment is very light and free of clutter, with an electromagnetic induction. I was buying a couch pulse green for my living room, and built the apartments around it.

favorite features my apartment is on the walls of galleries and velvet green chair, as well as the gray floor.

Thanks, Caroline!

• Interested in sharing your house with the apartments? Contact the editors through the Tour & Houses Information Form our calls.

(image credit: Submitted by Caroline)

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Printable: Father’s Day Beer Labels

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Alice & Lois Fenlon

Celebrations dad this father’s Day by surprising him with his favorite beer packed with festivals mark the “World’s Greatest”. It’s the perfect way to make your pops feel extra special Father’s Day. Search ideas Father’s day easier? Check recipe homemade salsa with our label printing printing and BBQ sauce.

Free Printable Father's Day Beer Label Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label

Click through for label free beer in …

Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label

• beer or soda father’s favorite (I’ve been using bottled beers with a smaller label size 2.5 “x 5”)
• beer label print # 1 (major label) and label beer in # 2 (bottleneck)
• Drag
• permafrost runner (or double-sided tape)

Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label


1. Print and cut labels.

2. Apply double-sided tape to the back of the label. (Note: You can remove the existing beer brands with warm water, soap or just a new label on top of the old ones.)

3. Apply the new labels on bottles.

4. Cheers for your great father!

Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label

Pictures photo: Sara Albers

by Father’s Day ideas:
• DIY: Bow-Tie Father’s Day Card
• DIY: Simple ” Happy Father’s day “Banner
• DIY: Father’s day Printables morning

Add casting:
• Father’s day Card
• Father’s day Gifts
• Father’s Day Art

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Here's Your Chance to Get an Inside Look at IKEA — Design News

Democracy day Design is an annual event organized by giants IKEA where Swedish shares what’s new and next to the brand. It takes place in the almhult, Sweden, and it is usually invite-only affair journalists and bloggers. This year, however, they are livestreaming the event, so you can get the inside scoop.

The broadcasts start at 9:30 GMT June 8, and will include an announcement of the new partnership program, launched new products from design director Marcus Engman, workshops with designers are working with the Ikea brand, and the results of the life line IKEA reporting year at all.

(image credit: IKEA)

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