These Are the Coziest Cities in America — Design News

Bring on Plaid, blankets, warm drinks and cups: Winter means it’s time to get cuddled up. Your homeland has inspired cozy? Check the top 10:

This is the third year the hot Honeywell has announced the list of top 10 coziest their city, and the criteria for this year include the popularity of specialty stores grocery, coffee shops, bookstores and bakeries, plus that sweet spot of snow, but it’s nice, but not a pain.

Topping the list is Asheville, North Carolina, with runners Boston and Salinas, California in the top three. The Portlands snag Wednesday (Oregon) and fifth (Maine).

Check out the rest of the list:

(Credit Photo: Tamara Gavin)

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This Weekend: Do Something for People You Love (And Make Yourself Happy Too)

Show the love – or ability to put yourself out there and became intimate with another person – is one of the strongest predictors of health and happiness. And it’s not limited to romantic relationships -the same concept applies to friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, or other companion. So this weekend, raising the quality of your connection to a human by showing how much you care about them.

Assignment of this weekend :. Do you or do something special – though small – for the people you love and like most in this world

make an Act of Kindness: this weekend, re-launch one of your relationships by tell someone you care about, “what can I do for you today will make your life easier and less stressful?” And then do it. It can be washed dishes that day, ran out to get coffee, make breakfast, or for a 15-minute massage. Or it could be something new plans for the two of you do together.

This is Really Going to make you happier, according to a study 75-Year-Long

make something Sweet : a homemade card, a series of cookies, their names spelled out in marshmallows on a plate – whatever you do is great. If you do not have enough ideas, here are a few DIY projects that you think.

host a Get-Together Casual : it’s not just one-on-one to mean something. Organize a dinner relax with your favorite people or, better, get a girlfriend your best and have them to a fun day’s brunch Galentine.

remember as with all our projects weekends, just do what you have time and energy to do. Whether you bake a cake or scribble down ten classes a love note quickly, which is the gesture that counts.

US PRESENTATION OF YOUR WEEKEND! Sharing tips and photos of the project work your weekend or Twitter with hashtag on Instagram your #ATweekendproject . We want love to see what your space looks like when you started, and what it looks like now!

We see the ones hiding your job decreases and may be held after the transfer of the last week: Take a Look Long Good in your Craft Stash. Here’s what made the weekend SparklePlenty299!

sparkleplenty299 : All of the box on the desk is empty. 4 cubbies are merged to 1. Two bags in the trash / recycle and donate two. Need another session to take control of paper. #productiveday #atweekendproject #declutter

Test 2016 Planning for a healthy & Happy Home to access the project ideas weekends and download February Home Checklist . It’s a low voltage great way to keep your life running smoothly and maintain a happy family and healthy!

(image credit: Apartment Therapy; Ashley Poskin; Julia Brenner; Ann K. Hubbard, Instagram)

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Music Brings Us Together, Study Says — Design News

Feeling a bit far? Put on some tunes. Sonos, Apple Music, and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin has conducted an experiment on how music affects family life and our relationship.

For a week, the members of 30 families around the world did not hear any loud music, and the following week, they did. The researchers provided the house with Sonos sound system, Apple watches, iBeacons, and Nest webcam to record what happened.

The result? People physically closer when music is played. The average distance between household members decreased by 12%, in the United States spent more generally 4.5 hours along with music than without, and there are 33% more likely to cook together.

And if you want to get it on, turn up the tunes. The experiment found the couple spent more than 37% of the time “awake” on the bed. Glance.

(Credit Image: Courtesy Sonos)

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The 5 Biggest Bad Habits Dragging Your Decor Down — From the Archives: Greatest Hits

always feel like you are in your home just is not quite where it might be? Where should be? Not wanting to 2016 is a year that your house does not achieve its potential and you do not meet the design and decoration of your goals? Peruse the list of habits that can be pulled down your decorations – you might just find you and your family get a lift when you leave behind the bad habits!

1. you do not consider “the tool” in your budget

no, I do not mean you do not have to budget for utility bills and other urgent things – that’s what many of us have been trained to consider when working on our budget. What we are talking about are not considered how much money you want to invest in making your home better. Consider a room in your budget for these types of expenses (whether decorative or functional, such as storage solutions) ahead of time means you’re thinking about it – and it will help those who have tend to go a bit overboard control their spending better and those who tend to be a bit too miserly to make sure that they meet design goals (by allowing myself to splurge on decorative items from time to time).

2. you do not get creative and think outside the box

Before you buy anything what is most special and before you buy anything the type of work but not quite how you want it to , ask yourself whether or not you can do something better or get a little weird and creative to fit exactly what you are looking for. It’s about a moment (or three) to consider alternatives – not just jump on top / easy / Like you always choose the solution that I thought. Allow yourself and your creativity to expand a bit in all directions, design options designed by choice, will make a difference marked on your home for a long time.

3. You are trying to be like someone else

one of the biggest compliments you can get your home is someone to step in and say “this sounds like you,” because that means you are able likes and dislikes is really yours and casting a line with your personality. Benefits of a house like this? Not only it will be completely unique, but it will be supercharged and peace – you will find untold wells of strength in a space that you do not need to pretend to be somebody else in.

4. you’re holding on to furniture and decoration that no longer serve you

this may be a tough one because as this, issuers have made money and could throw things perfect rather avoid? We’re not saying throw it away though. But do not keep it if it just does not work for you either. Sell ​​furniture you no longer like that, even if you do not have something else that you want to replace that with holes. The empty space in your home will allow yourself to be open to anything new and wonderful was waiting to go home to your family. Commercial furniture with a friend if you both have the appropriate needs met by other people’s things. Or hack and see far in pieces of furniture, stripping them of style and functionality of their previous, to reshape them into powerful symbols of the new look you want to project for your home. The last thing you want to do is to live intimately with a piece of furniture that just just make you go “meh”.

5. you do not shake up your style enough / is often

Make no mistake – “shake-up style you “does not mean the wallpaper or paint your ceiling a red baseboard. We all have our own definition of what “wild” is. Natural and not even what we’re saying you should go for. What you should do is push yourself towards – space not only stagnation suck, they suck the energy out of you a little bit every day. Find places where you let fear hold you back or clinging too closely consolation can help you bust through any self-imposed limit to find a new face, color, function, solutions store, style, and more that make your life very well.

Re-edit from a publication ban 02/01/15-NT

(photo credit: Caroline Fontenot; Carolyn Purnell; Leanne Bertram)

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Answer This Question to Find the Perfect Apartment

Find your dream apartment is a full-time job. You’re weighing your budget trying to get the most bang for your buck in terms of size and location, all while brooding on matters of secondary importance different: I can manage Management without a parking space? I would like the neighbors? I even like backsplash ? But while you’re figuring all of that out, I think there is more a question you need to ask yourself when you are looking for a new place to live …

Is this apartment support the life I want?

That’s a great question existentialism, but if you take some time to think about it and discovered a genuine answer, it can only make a difference in the looking for a place where you can truly call home.

here’s what it boils down to: How do you like to spend your time a enjoy dinner out most of the night is likely to be happy in a neighborhood near several restaurants ?. On the other hand, if cooking at home is a favorite pastime, you will want to find an apartment close to the farmer’s market or grocery reliable. It’s not just about dinner. A gym rat can search for an apartment with a community gym (or at least close to one). If you want to spend more time outdoors, large patio can be a priority for you, or there may be a nearby walking trail will be a great benefit.

The problem here is looking over the square footage conventional considerations, waste handling, which issues the carpet and began to think about what is really important to live a happy life at home.

I gave a few examples, but I’d love to hear your experience: What part of your lifestyle factors in choosing an apartment?

(image credit: Esteban Cortez)

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Carlos’ Custom DIY Loft — House Tour Greatest Hits

name: Carlos E. Fernández-Dieppa
address: Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
Size: 670 square feet
years lived in: 1.5 years; rent

Carlos Fernández has the concept of “one person’s trash is the treasure of another man” to a completely different level. Carlos is a designer resourceful and very intelligent, never allowing a single item to go to waste. their custom parts are thoughtful and functional, with a playful flair. To say that the slide can not do justice to this craft loft is an understatement. In his home, surrounded by his creations, Carlos really come alive; He is energetic, lively, exciting and will share with you the history of any piece.

He was warm, friendly and completely down-to-earth; no wonder that he saw the beauty in all the scraps of wood, glass, metal, plastic and New York City has to offer. It’s the true craftsmanship and sheer passion to design their own studio Carlos’, CreoCreo, was born.

Carlos received his BFA from the Tyler School of glasses of Temple University and an MFA in Art of interior design from Parsons the new school for design. art and design platform, mixed with a lifelong passion for “the study of the environment and the human condition,” led him to teach classes in glassblowing and art for adults with disabilities, and metal fabrication and 3D models, and interior design participation outside the normal box. He had the vision to turn this open space into a two-bedroom apartment that is very different from most cities garret. Where most of the units built vertically, with a ladder leading up to the lofted bed at three feet, Carlos built the actual bedroom with wall screen reminiscent of traditional Japanese shoji, with a modern spin. The screen is made of metal and frosted glass, while the entire bedroom structure from concept to end built by Carlos with the help of his girlfriend, Carolyn, and friends (preview + floor digital plans outlined at the end of the slideshow).

the rest of the furniture and decoration apartments are pretending smart; Wardrobe is a rolling rack that tucks away in a little neglected by the negative space between the wall and the bedroom, while the other closet hidden behind a tapestry in between. Most of the shelves and the tables are built to move if necessary; come out from the foot of the table and folded away. desktop marble Carlos’ is done with a throwaway island from Tony’s Pizzeria, a pizza joint has been around since my parents grew up in Brooklyn. You’ll also find a velcro-closed floor as decorative wall and a chair leg hanging on a hook on the couch. Carlos’ loft is a visual playground that is full of surprises; it’s like Willy Wonka’s factory inside the interior design.

The DIY plant wall is one of my favorite Carlos’ to look at; it is an ever-changing work-in-progress that changed around according to their needs for light and water. friend Carlos’ joke saying that he had an “accidental growing pet-safe.” Although Carlos does not have any pets myself, accident a man can only be a treasure for the rest of us.

To see more from Carlos or contact him us directly, please visit the Creo Creo Studio, her Etsy shop.

Apartment therapy survey:

my Style: I am trying to design and create an excess time. I like things that tell a story, and those that are just beginning to record their own. I’m an artist, designer, manufacturer and rolled into one. I constantly balancing function, aesthetics, and the pursuit for inspiration.

Inspiration: Buckminster Fuller, Andrea Zittel, The Eameses furniture, Shaker, plant and the wonderful garden for my grandfather ‘, Spanish architecture colonial compact living, and a good flea market.

favorite element: the factory walls. Right from the beginning I have always wanted to retain a sense of openness in space while establishing a separate area. The plant wall function in such a way that you can focus on it, or on the floor. its unusual pattern unique grid out the window created by the old factory, not hinder them completely.

biggest Challenge: Fitting three people in a small open space. We sleep and most personal property in our 175 square feet less. While it is a feat in the true sense of it, with the right chemistry of people is equally important. Carolyn and I feel so lucky to have met roommate our current Lindsay Powell, aka the courtyard.

What friends say: I love plants but how do you … you know?

biggest Embarrassment: We have not completely closed the windows. They look cool, but make it difficult to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

proudest DIY: The bedroom. They are part of the largest construction in space. This design is an exploration of a bedroom converted into quite literally that, a room for a bed. Many of the apartments I had in New York was small, with small wardrobe even more. The space has always made me feel like I just sleep in the closet stored my stuff. The aim here is to prioritize everything to be able to easily access things regularly, and limit access to objects seldom used or seasonal. Yes this means more structured storage capacity means that while the rooms are small, they are calming market once inside. I just want to quickly thank Dan Brohawn, Victoria Valencia, Steven Ma, Larson Harley, Carolyn Murphy and of course for all the hard work you put into helping to build this. You are all amazed, and talented artists. Look’em up!

biggest Indulgence: plants. They require a lot of time to maintain, and can be quite expensive depending on the type and size. I would not trade them for anything, but you really need to love them to keep them happy!

The best advice: not regularly work on your time. Our residence grow and change with us. I like to think of our living space as an opportunity to present not only our personality but also our history. I believe we’re on our own, and the pieces we have chosen to surround themselves with reminders of who we are, whether it is for the purpose of self-reflection, or tell your friends a great story.

dream Source: unlimited gift Card for McMaster-Carr (I know, super dorky …), material and continue to trade my friends, the wooden furniture direct from traditional rural areas in Puerto Rico.

Resources Note:


  • Shoe rack: . I built out of scrap wood left over from the various home improvement
  • classification: The legs on the chair is made from leftover pile roadblocks from a railing roses I had last summer, the first made from reclaimed Douglas fir.
  • Neoprene & Nitrile Register :. Found at a factory in Philadelphia I had broken into when I was nineteen
  • Mirror :. Left by my friend Dan
  • bicycle storage: Pullies from Ace to Eagle Scout Knickerbocker and shot wide buy button my skills :)


  • Leather sectional :. Do not know the designers, buyers free through the universe
  • Table: The stainless steel head and sawhorses was found on our block. I polished and polished stainless top and modify the sawhorse legs.
  • The Wall: Each section has its own story. I like to reward the curious. I’ve accumulated the collection throughout the years. It ranges from objects found in abandoned factories in and around Philadelphia, junk shops in many cities, a market in Rome, exploring my own material, and one or two gifts . There is even something I found in the apartment when I moved in.
  • Metal sculptures. I saw someone how to use a roller and came out with this homage to Richard Serra accidental
  • Glass pieces: The last remnants of a project I did in undergrad as a major at Tyler School of Art Glass.
  • Last Gang shoes: Junk shop on Starr Street.


  • Table and Chairs :. Ikea, courtesy of my brother married
  • Shelf: I made the output of the Board Mahogany was donated to me, and the support metals from scrap metal in the shop
  • .

  • Library Ladder: saved from my studio in Williamsburg friends hours before it was gutted.
  • Mirror :. Also from the same studio
  • The Light :. From a junk shop in my favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia Fishtown
  • Wall of Art (clockwise from upper left)
    Face it: Just ‘Cooperatives
    Wire sculpture researching .: Because I
    Arte Para Todos: Just seeds artists’ seeds collaborative artists
    Taj Mahal Trio: justAjar Design Press
    La Puerta de San Juan: Buy in a gallery in Old San Juan. Unknown artist
    Hands Touching Hands: Lizzie Gill
    And as long as we do not back there From: Lizzie Gill
    The Watchman: Harley M. Larson
    Rocking Chair: justAjar Design Press
    Himrod road Backyard: Joe MARXEN
    Daria Tessler In
    Etching of University Baptist Church: Don Swann
  • Owl lamps :. Made by Carolyn
  • Wardrobe :. Exploited by Carloyn


  • lamp: This is an old heat lamp that I polished all the brass surface, and rewired to convert into a light. This has also been purchased in Fishtown.
  • paneled :. Leveraging wood cutoffs that I changed to create the model Chevron
  • storage appliances :. These are my elbow PVC pipe installation to free up space in a drawer
  • mold on wood kitchen cabinets: Wood molding found at 3rd Ward age that I custom fit the space
  • .

  • metal Shelves: All these components are part of the series Fe line of my design, CreoCreo Studio
  • .

  • Wood Pallets: Many years ago, I lived across the street from a wooden pallet assembly companies, and they are built with the debris deemed unusable with them.
  • Kitchen Island: I designed this piece is a flat-packed products. The lower section is removable for easier transportation and relocation.
  • Stools: Buy to build it green in Queens. Montana Gold spray-painted.
  • La Maja Desnuda, Goya. Goya reproduction and excellent chassis acquired by Carolyn
  • Penguins: Found separate occasions by Carolyn and I.
  • Golden Sculpture Parrot: A piece Carolyn haggled for the a wine shop employee in exchange for $ 10 and my phone number :)
  • Pot price: I do this with the chain and also placed on the ceiling hook eye. I changed galvanized steel chain with its sandblasted.
  • Chain Lamp: Made by Dan Brohawn
  • .


  • Metal Partitions: I bought it from a pastor down the street. then I took her to his three-story … I feel like a worker ant.
  • Grey Dresser :. through craigslist
  • Open the wardrobe. The placemat by Faye
  • Lion Drawing: Violation topic illustrates Johnny Mattei Carolyn
  • .

  • lintel: I finished it near my house and polish it.
  • Pine cabinets: Ikea
  • .

  • Metal rolling Shelf: After Carolyn threatened to buy a cheap, I custom design / build shelves to fit in tight spaces and collaboration between our room and the walls.


  • End Table :. Leverage from the old loading dock at my store
  • Sebadoh Print :. Posters printed hand Landland
  • Nacional de la Hamaca Festival :. Unknown artist
  • Three small print of various places in Old San Juan. Unknown artist
  • wooden shelves and metal frame: I made this from scrap wood and metal from old red my store.


  • and wheelbarrow Vertical Garden: The garden is vertical continuity in the process. I attached to the ceiling joists and has been working towards a more floors suspension to the excess water goes into the next pot. It consists mainly of spider plants except for the Jews wandering in the corner near the window. I found the wheelbarrow near my old apartment and decided to convert it into a garden. It is convenient to capture excess water from the vertical wall, and can easily be moved around to clean and maintain.
  • White workbench marble: Carolyn and I found a kitchen island away from a pizza shop in our neighborhood. I suggest we take a closer look, and bottom shelves are white marble! I ran home, gathered the necessary tools, and dismantling the island. After a three-story went up, and many hours of scrub, we bring to life.
  • Metal and wood chair: I make this chair a little while back with some cutoffs from commissions
  • .

Thank you for sharing, Carlos & Carloyn!

• HOUSE TOUR ARCHIVE :. Check out the home tour over here
• Interested in sharing your house with apartments therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour information form.
• Are you a designer / architect / decorative interested in sharing a residential project with apartments readers? Contact the editors through Information Form Our professional.

House Committee Tours Follow the apartments Apartment on Pinterest therapy.

update daily with new tour full image for you to pin & enjoy!

(Photo credit: Andrea Sparacio)

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Easy Green: 3 Money-Saving (& Eco-Friendly) Habits To Start Today

Find resolved to break out a general wasting habits is not easy. But it may is. Three eco-friendly practices seem difficult to put in at the start, but there are simple tricks you can use to make them stick at home. And trust me, it will be worth your while if you do not have to manipulate environmental damage and bad for your wallet. It’s time for a change in habits.

Use cloth towels Only

It’s not any more difficult to get a cloth napkin than to grab a a tissue whenever a mess occurs. You’ll just toss it in the washing machine instead of the trash when you are done.

Making it happen: Go cold turkey. Use paper towels to last and vowed never to buy again. If you need some motivation to make the switch, treat yourself to a new set of napkins you really love.

→ easy DIY project: Making your own cloth towels

Change Reusable water bottle

Ditch disposable plastic and instead bring a durable bottles that are refilled or filtered tap water. S’Well bottle is a personal favorite; I love the familiar shapes and colors.

Making it happen: To make the bars routine, make it part of the daily carrying out of the bottle your wallet or your keys in the door.

Stop buying plastic straws

They are not a weekly grocery items in the budget of everyone, but if you use plastic drinking straws in the house, you know it’s a pretty wasteful habits. Choosing to go without, or if you prefer to live life straw, get yourself a stainless steel drinking straws can be washed and reused.

Make it happen out: Keep your stainless straws in a cup or pan on the counter for easy to grab. And make sure there is enough for everyone in the family.

The eco-friendly habits with you through at home?

(image credit: Theresa Gonzalez, Crate & Barrel)

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Surefire Ways to Make Your Home a Happy (And Functional!) Place

nest. It was the harbor for our heart, and your can affect your overall well-being than you think. Gary and Chelsey gave us is good, old fashioned “happy family” feeling, and we were determined to find out why. If you’re feeling stuck in your pursuit of a happy home, we have compiled a simple list of the best practices of the most happy home-like Apartment Therapy This part . Regardless of the size, style, or location, these seven tips will certainly help restore happiness to any home and holding her heart.

House Tour → Gary & Chelsey’s Music & Mod Apartment in Queens

1. Combine functional item into your decor

There are items we use. Like, really use. Great number of. While these items may not always attractive, they hold meaning and purpose. These items include, but are not limited to, litter boxes, rainboots, kitchenware, phone chargers, snuggies print, and more. All of us can usually functional items stored behind closed doors and to move them every time we use them, or we hide them when guests come over. The constant stress of having a permanently fixed in a temporary location is not effective for your daily life. If you have an item that you use frequently, find a place for it to function happy and proud.

For example, Gary and Chelsey design their office, above, including two large cat litter box they love. As a result, they never have to worry about the box is in their way or cat loo denied their favorite.

2. Silver wonky on the basics

When it comes to fundamental issues such as beds, equipment like flatware, or save Stock up on the bath caddy figure out what is best for your needs and save for it. Do not be tempted by sales and the trend or you might end up buying, trying, hoarding and trashing an excessive amount of th , which rarely cause happiness. Try to get by with what you have until you can get an item that is built to last and fit your needs perfectly. You’ll probably end up saving money in the long run, and before you know it, you will have a house with a high efficiency to help you be the best for you.

Gary and Chelsey were narrow your toiletries down to only the products they actually use and powerful shower caddy adjustment is consistent with all their latest. Start your morning in a bathroom clutter happiness will get you on track for the rest of your day.

3. decanting

not only decant your everyday items into containers look better permanently, it can carry the help you save money. Buy hand washing, dish soap, and other toiletries and food items in large quantities and store them in the hard-range cabinets, decanting them into smaller containers, more attractive when necessary. Your goods will look and feel like an integral part of your home, and this fact also gives you complete control over how your items are stored and used. Hello, open shelves!

4. comfort factor in

without a space that you wish to remove while working, you might do something wrong. Goals for deep benches and chairs set, and soft texture combinations whenever possible. Even if your style is minimal, industrial, or something that supports / materials completely cold, make sure it’s balanced with a cozy throw or rug luxury to create conditions cozy.

5. Take off your shoes

It’s pretty safe to say anything that reduces the dirty floor of an increasing happiness. Getting habit kicking off your shoes before you walk through your house is an easy way to cut overall maintenance floor. Nothing spoil a good Sunday spotted a clump Netflix drunk as judge of mud on the floor, ridicule you in light of your TV screen.

Of course, this can be options for guests, as to make others feel welcome and is an important part of building a house, and people with foot problems can get a little squirmy at the prospect of pouring shoes of them.

6. Make it personal

Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, become mindless drone caught in the rat race of life. All the clichés about the phrase “work to live” aside, when we are busy with life, we forget what ironically makes life worth living. Drizzle personal items, such as photographs or sentimental art, around your home is important for creating an environment that makes you feeling .

7. have a sense of humor

No matter how much time and effort you’ve put into designing your space, try not to take ourselves too seriously. Have a sense of humor to lighten the mood for everyone and create an environment that allows people to know it’s okay to be comfortable with who they are when they’re in your house (including yourself !).

Bonus Tip: Cats


that’s it, the cat!

House Tour → Gary & Chelsey’s Music & Mod Apartment in Queens

Thanks to Gary and Chelsey for creating a great example of a happy home! We know this is not exactly a definitive list, so we want to hear from you! Your advice to make a happy home is what?

(Photo credit: Jessica Isaac)

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SPONSORED POST: Friend or Faux? How to Tell if That Leather is Real or Not — American Signature Furniture

Think of the skin can be better? Remember it was not all are created equal. The difference in quality between genuine, bonded, and flat-out imitation leather is very large, and there are some simple tips to spot the good stuff. We see the new American Signature Furniture of genuine leather furniture in order to learn what to look for.

1. Label: The very best place to start

OK, duh. But the label will say more than just “real” or Here are some terms you may see a “fake!”:

  • genuine: This basically which means that the real thing. The skin can be labeled with the following terms to describe how it is processed or handled.
  • Pure Aniline: The most natural of genuine leather: no treatment, dyes or pigments here.
  • Semi-Aniline :. dyed and treated with a leather coating will exhibit some signs of nature but more durable than pure aniline leather genuine
  • pigment :. super durable, genuine leather dye pigments is usually, buff to remove any imperfections, and heavy protective coating
  • Nubuck & Suede: You can familiar with both, but the difference is what? Nubuck leather is genuine has been buffed to external (stronger) side of the hide for a fuzzy feeling. Suede is the opposite-buff hidden inside, leading to a super smooth, velvety texture.

… And Fake Stuff

Look out for “fake leather,” naugahyde “,” skin “,” vegan leather “, or” pleather “label addition :. skin bonded, although production with remnants of genuine leather, aging is not nearly as good and generally should be avoided if you are looking for the real thing.

2. Price: Just like your mother, typically

Yes , you will have to pay more for genuine leather. But remember that although you will pay more upfront, it will last about 4x longer than upholstered, making it a great investment .

3. Appearances are Everything

  • Smooth, perfect edges tend to indicate leatherette, while difficult, irregular edges is more common in the skin carriers.
  • good quality full grain leather is, which means it is dyed with transparent dyes to retain the appearance of the full natural grain. So if you can get one or two scars, it might be true.

4. Take A Seat

  • When you sit on the leather seats, it warm and more flexible synthesis tools.
  • fake leather often feel cold and smooth to the touch as it does not “breathe” like real leather, which has pores with irregular shapes.

5. And while you’re At It, Take A whiff

  • special scented skin that you will not only find the fake stuff. If a wrapped piece emits a rich, appealing aroma, it is capable of genuine leather.
  • Faux leather may have chemical odors originating from its synthetic fibers.

Now you know, let’s Furniture American Signature to see what how genuine leather.

(Photo Credit: American Signature Furniture, Product Display: Harrison prevent Collection)

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My Capsule Wardrobe Experiment: Part Three – Lessons Learned, Tips & Takeaways

This is my last post in the mini-series on the cabinet capsule. If you’ve been following along, you saw why I decided to give a go and how I created my first capsule, and now is the time for the results. Read on for my thoughts (warning: I’ve got lots of ’em) about living with a wardrobe of 37 pieces in three months.

Capsules Be Getting Dressed not only easy, But Fun

first up: I really love opening my wardrobe every morning to see a small collection, repair of clothing that I really want to wear. Not just the “this is my option-make it work,” thought to prevent the chaotic morning, I actually had a more exciting, creative time in mixing everything new combination , add the accessories have been ignored for many years, and make sure I was taken out of everything in my closet.

at birth at

I’ll admit, when I made my first capsule, it is difficult to decrease the figure down to 37 pieces of magic of my decision. I cut out all dressed as infrequently as once a month, others made me nervous. But in the next three months, I have adapted very well to the system when it comes time to make my second capsule a few weeks ago, I really had trouble filling the quota. My wardrobe January-March only contains 32 items, and so far, I hardly notice a smaller amount.

Out of Capsule? Out of Sight

I store most of the wardrobe out of my follicles in large, compressed, fabric box (an earlier version of the boys came from IKEA) in cabinet . But because my room has a large, double-sided wardrobe, I have decided that some items may remain, hanging on the other side of the closet or folded in my hanging cubbies.

This is a bad idea. Usually, when I open my wardrobe, my eyes will turn toward the outer limits, which incidentally seems is only that I want to wear that day. Call it green grass Syndrome, but I’ve learned my lesson- out cysts, out of sight.

Do For Your Capsule habits you

Working with a smaller wardrobe certainly throw your routine sharp as well. Case in point: extreme hatred of my clothes . While I prefer to wear textiles and blouses (combined with skinny jeans and heels, it’s pretty much my go-work look), I really, really do not like ironing them. This has led to a rush of morning, when I realized that I had nothing to wear but is clean and pressed. My second capsule includes more knitwear, and a garment steamer is at the top of the list of my current desire.

One change I made the second time around is the omission of outerwear in the capsule. Caroline’s Un-Fancy include coats and jackets over their 37-piece, and I’ve come to the conclusion that while it may work in some climates, it is certainly not not London, can range from sunny to cold to rain in a day, let alone a period of three months. (Confession: I am also the Imelda Marcos of outwear I’m working on it ..)

For my second capsule, I decided to work with a small number of products (32 , current) and leave outerwear is a separate category from which I can choose when necessary. It can work to a similar number of items in the rotation, but it gives me peace of mind that you will not be left out in the cold and drizzle, or downpour, etc.

capsules Mean you Store your Wardrobe

for my second capsule, I just bought four new items (and one of them is a Christmas gift). When I got to convert everything, I found that I was very happy with most of what I was wearing, but quickly converted to the ones I had in store, including adding some sweaters more for colder days, is all that is needed. And because I did not see things in three months, it was less “this old thing” and more “hello, friend!”

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when planning future members, it helps to pay attention to what you want you’re seeing every morning when you open the cabinet your clothes. I keep a note on my phone, where I list new items that I’d find useful, either to the class over / under current piece or go with the pieces that I love but do not seem to be in line with many. This ensures that each capsule gets better and better as you determine your clothing needs.

Capsules Tell editing easier, smarter every

many readers may think “just what is the point that this capsule? is it just an excuse to have four cabinets instead of one, although you only wear once ? “- and it’s a reasonable question. But I have found that the real joy of the capsule is located in the way they do except from and add to our wardrobe simpler. Choose not to add something to a capsule, especially if you make that choice several consecutive seasons, is a good hint that it is time to let the piece go. Similarly, when you are out shopping for new items, ask how this product will work with what you’re wearing, and whether you really want to select it from a limited selection on an average morning, helped immensely.

In conclusion

overall: I love the capsule. Sure, it’s just a way of saying “a small closet,” but I’m on it. Initial thought process that goes into planning a capsule wardrobe means you think less when you are using it, freeing up time and space for the brain more important things. It is also a great way to spend more deliberate, or just quit less , if that is your goal. Often pay attention to your clothes every three months will help keep the style, budget and space in check. I am a convert! This habit is one to keep for 2016.

(Credit Image: Marie-Lyne Quirion; Sarka for Stylizimo; Nasozi Kakembo; Domaine Nicole Cohen; The Merry idea)

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