Easy & Beautiful: 9 DIY Projects to DYE For

See what I did there ?? Dye, while a bit scary (which is permanent! It stains stuff!) It can be a great way to get great results from your DIY projects with a minimum of effort. Here are nine DIYs perfect to convert your favorite textiles with a little color.

Above: From livet Hemma, instructions on how to add a little color to a plain old blanket IKEA Page. (Use Google Translate to get instructions in English.)

DIY shibori embedded buffer from Blackbird.

This shibori DIY, from Honestly WTF, shows how to use various techniques to create models unique shape.

DIY dip dye from Erika Rax napkin.

DIY ombre dyed creep Scissor chain.

down comforters and pillows DIY ombre from HGTV.

From Paper & Stitch, the material guidance snythetic die like this IKEA sheepskin. (Because sheepskin pink so much more interesting than just a plain old white one.)

DIY ombre dyed Style Me Pretty pillow.

DIY carpet Overdyed Sweet Paul.

(credit photo: Hemma livet; Blackbird; Honestly WTF; Erika Rax; Variable Scissor; HGTV; Paper & Stitch; Style Me Pretty, sweet Paul)

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Real Life on Screen: Film & TV Characters with Refreshingly Relatable Apartments

Often favorite TV series and films we introduce dreamy apartment which is quite practical for people who live their characters. You know, the place where your essence broke the 20-something somehow can afford to live in wealth, although is in financial ruin? That said, here are five TV and movie characters with real, actual apartment that looks like me and you. Finally, a break from all apartments envy.

Abbi and Illana from Broad City (above)

Abbi and Illana are queens – or kweens, when they want to – become young and broke in New York city. During the day, they are pursuing any program Illana has cooked up and at night, they live in an apartment that really reflects their meager budgets. Abbi, the less fortunate of the two, living with a girl who is never around, but there freeloading boyfriend never left. While his position is brightly decorated with appliances capable from the clearance Urban Outfitters (and she put stash of Bed, Bath her, and Beyond coupons to good use, of course) , living room and almost no kitchen space is overtaken by “Bevers” who eats all his food and play video games on the couch 24/7. The only consolation came from her hunky neighbor ran to her side, Jeremy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.41.38 PM 2.png

Enid and Becca from Ghost World

in the cult classic based on the beloved comic book of the same name, cynical best friends Enid and Becca just graduated high school and middle mocking people in his small town and commiserating in thought of their nihilism at the local diner, they get their first apartment. It’s boring, it’s flashy (you can say koolaid colored carpet?), That’s what a first apartment for two teens had no money should look like.

Peggy Olson from Mad Men

The tickle a KY- variable-turned-copywriter Peggy Olson-copy-head move up and stay-wise as well during the seven seasons of Mad Men . She went from living with my mother, to live with her boyfriend, to eventually become the landlord of the entire building. But even the latter set is not glamorous. She lived alone save for the boy comes up to her TV use in the summer and decorations she put “modest” in place of humility. Her apartment is certainly viable, but it is the opposite of the sleek figure of her colleagues live. However, there is nothing like a room by yourself.

Sophie and Jason from future

the majority of the second feature film Miranda July, future , which takes place in Los Angeles within the 30-a something the couple as they navigate their relationships and prepare to take in a wounded cat. Rather than take viewers through 90 minutes of the apartment envy, the film offers a modest space that is pleasant but so unapologetically average-looking. pastel fabric strip serving as a temporary bedroom curtain and difficult to hang items in random parts of the house (eg the pair of binoculars hanging lights).

Dante Hicks from Secretary

Secretary memorable opening of Dante Hicks bedroom. A call from his boss sends a shot Dante sleep out in your closet, stabbed his bedside, which is less than a foot away. He asked include a change in the job – despite closing the night before – and the camera pans to show us the contents of his room proved his work is too tiring for him to make time for interior design. Dante’s bed decorated with nothing more than a fitted sheet and a dog panting. your landline based his laundry hamper, which had vomited most of the clothes on the floor, and the walls are barren. A credible portrayal of a comfortable bedroom overworked sales staff – even if he is a hip character in a black and white indie film.

( photo credit: Comedy Central; cinemagraph by Reddit user Animations TerryAFCx; future film, Miramax films)

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Remodeling Ideas from Nine Bathrooms with Classic Style

Finding ways to ensure that your new bathroom will still look beautiful like twenty years from now as it is not the first day after your remodel? Here are nine beautiful bathrooms with stylish, timeless, and design ideas worth stealing from each one.

by playing up the contrast of black and white, you can create a dramatic effect with bricks without spending a lot of money. In the bathroom above, hexagonal tiles and inexpensive subway tiles come together for a look that is eye-catching but endless.

Mould cement tile is a great way to shake up a traditional bathroom with a small and varied textures. If you are cautious about adding an element that is too wild, select a model in black and white.

a door frame steel bath is one of the details that make the room.

for a little contrast with the smooth brick and shiny chrome fixtures, try using vintage furniture for a more interesting and vanity usually.

black and white floor tiles in a graphic pattern Interestingly add variety to the bathroom well behaved.

mortar dinner is a cheap way to add a touch of drama.

bathroom may not be the first place you should think for a wainscot, but the look of the panels in the bathroom can be particularly prominent. Bonus: radiator painted the same color as the wall kept it from being an eyesore. Photos from.

To add a little interest to your floor you, try creating a pattern in black and white with small mosaic tiles, inexpensive.

and you do not need to stick to black and white is classic: in this bathroom, subway tiles in various shades of green is just right.

Want inspiration more classic bathroom?

→ The TV bathroom classic system: 7 ways to Get the Look

(image credit: Design Sponge; Ensemble Architecture; Trad Home, Design Sponge, The Elysian edit; Elle Decoration; Issuu ; Homepolish; Ensemble Architecture; As a link)

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Lesley's Textured, Sunny Scandinavian Style in Sweden — International Video House Tour

name: Lesley Pennington and her family (husband, a teenager and a dog)
address: Viggbyholm, Sweden (just outside Stockholm)
Size: 240 square meters
years lived in: 3 years

before Pennington family bought this property three years ago, this is the home of a textile designer famous Swedish. Nearly 100 years old, the connection of home textiles live on: Lesley is the founder and CEO of Bemz “, a Scandinavian design firm to create customized covers for IKEA sofas, chairs and more half.” In this house, the layers of each textile, tapestry pillows or add to the story of this historic space. But it is not just the inner structures that impact design lovely views of the nature of this house plays a huge role, as well.

At Stockholm, seasons change almost hourly. Respect for the environment is ingrained in the culture; nature is an indispensable part of life for everyone living in this land.

With stunning views of the sea, the typical Swedish archipelago this cottage encapsulate classic sense of Sweden while balancing modern furniture and embrace the beautiful views of nature . Large windows frame seasonal changes, but also shed light on, melding seamlessly inside and outside.

comfortable, quiet house surrounded fresh, modern white, but soft furnishings with bold patterns and colors to break the neutrality. accessories meaningful, vibrant art and furniture is carefully selected to create a warm and inviting home.

Apartment therapy survey:

our Style: Eclectic-I love the combination of old and new, design and flea markets, colors and textiles.

inspiration: nature Sweden, Scandinavian style

favorite element: The south facing sea and sun. large windows facing the sun, sunlight and streams in the house all day. A cozy porch off the living room which means we can move out easily whenever it’s warm enough to be outside (which for the Swede mean more than 5 degrees)

biggest Challenge: decorated to suit the lifestyles of our families, and to make sure that this is a sanctuary for all of us-a boy, a dog , a husband and me.

what friends say: “light”. It is very light and open …

proudest DIY: Garden. I’m a city kid.

biggest Indulgence: our dining table.

Best Advice: living in one place for a time and start feeling how your family uses space. Decorations to make your friends and your family feel at home. Be honest with yourself. Do not be afraid to recycle old furniture that did not fit the space and discover new “recycled” furniture to replace it. Use fabric to decorate in a way that does not consciously throw things out.

When you are working with an eclectic look, choose a red theme and stick to it. Mine has brought nature into the house I chose red and orange (the color of the roof and the leaves in the fall) and green for the grass and trees.

Dream Source : 20th century designer-SWEDESE, Eames, Bruno Mathsson, Piet Hein, Harry Bertoia, IKEA,





  • bedside Bemz covers at Rosewood Designers Guild Brera Lino
  • Bedskirt in Brera Lino Bemz Designers Guild Rosewood
  • Antique bed cover Uzbekistan
  • Eames Rocking Chair
  • Curtains Bemz – Brera Fino designer saffron guild
  • Wallpaper- from MrPerswall

  • bed cover and bedskirt from Bemz
  • Antique desk purchased from Bukowskis
  • Varsalongen Painting bought in Stockholm
  • cotton sheets and duvet cover from Himla
  • Jennylund IKEA chair with Bemz covers in Sand Beige Melange Respect Brunna RECYCLING cotton
  • Upstairs FAMILY ROOM

    teenager BEDROOM


    Send us your own:

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    → And see all the tours through our home here

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    Updated daily with a complete new tour for you to pin pictures & enjoy!

    Thanks, Lesley and family!

    (image credit: Abe Martinez; Posted by Lesley Pennington)

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    Designer-Tested Palettes: Current Favorite Colors from Cloth & Kind

    We know that one of the tariff commitments and the most difficult to do when decorating a room that may be what color to use in unison. World of Color is one of the largest schools with endless options, so to help guide decision-making process, we introduced this new series on the panel approved design perfection that we open 10 mining experts and asked them to go to your own combinations. Up first: The lovely girl from CLOTH & KIND.

    A little background on the company: KIND FABRICS & Nye principal Krista Nicholas and famous Tami Ramsay their ability to create space with history and heart. Each of their projects are layered with a meticulous combination of one-of-a-kind unique look and high doses and custom apparel, art and furniture are monitored. With office locations in Ann Arbor, and Athens, Georgia, aesthetic design is always a classic pairing with a modern vibe and the influence of the world.

    Go-to palettes and why it works: ” a combination of blue, purple and pink. green, in any shade, just lovely. We dug nothing more than to pair it with pastel colors ranging from pink rich purple feathers to breed. It actually creates a calm, sophisticated yet comfortable room. “

    the five colors of dusty blue, pink and purple Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore paint color is the favorite’s CLOTH & KIND of this point.

    How to someone go about selecting a color palette that really speak to them? “At our company, we started a project designed with tool-woven, hand screen printed wallpaper or carpet classic as the starting point for the colors in a room . inspiration pretty black colors everywhere, and can take any form. allow yourself to be free and open to choose the final color is very satisfied and your space will be all the more personal if you are involved in choosing a color scheme make sense to you. be guided by the color of something you already love will always lead you to an interesting story in colors that space. Let’s look at something personal to the table ideas, for example, an old picture of your grandmother that you’ve always loved or artwork of your children, a classic carpet, the flowers bloom in your yard, or even a photo that captures the essence of a recent trip you love. “

    some sources your personal message to get some color inspiration is what? “ There is nothing, we repeat – nothing, beats away. We visited Milan, North Carolina, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago and Morocco last year compared with last year. Seeing the World through the lens of a different culture inspires us to take risks colors in the way we can dream can not come on us, if we just sit in their home towns me every day of our life. “

    What country has the best color takeaways? “India. Use of color is nothing short playful and fearless. We love Diana Vreeland reports that ‘Pink is the navy blue of India.” It says it all “

    There are color combos that you are tired of seeing? ” we are not biased when it comes to colors, so we will not say we are see certain diseases combo, especially when they are made in unusual and refreshing way. What we do bored seeing is designed exactly replicated to a T, for example, the same old staid white kitchen with island with furniture. Spice it up, people! Try something new, take risks, follow your gut. Was inspired by a room that you love, but does not aim to replicate it. “

    You use unexpected pops of color before? ” You name it, we’ve painted it. There is not much that can not be completely re-imagined with a fresh coat of paint in a new color. We are particularly concerned about mold and paint all in one room cutting. It adds depth and contrast, and make the room so a lot more interesting than plain old white cut. Many of our customers are anxious to take the initial plunge cutting-painted, but every one of them admiring the choices and have zero regrets. “

    Want to see more examples of how delicious glorious blue, purple and pink can be used to get along? Move over, enjoy and let us know if you want to try this combination in your own home!

    If you do not want to commit feminine colors such as paints, carpets, flowers and art is a great choice to flush this color.

    A departure from CLOTH & KIND off the table, saturated shades of grape and fuchsia beautiful anyway in this library by hunting interior.

    Rich purple is such an addition gorgeous for such a naval force and looks more luxurious level in this room that in Elle Decor.

    Even just a touch of pink (through the flowers and artwork) adds life with a slate blue walls.

    (Image credit: Sarah Dorio / SILK & FORMS; Rinne Allen / SILK & FORMS; Arlyn Hernandez; Paige French / SILK & FORMS; Chris Patey; Hunting Affairs; Elle Decor; Lonny; Hayley Kessner)

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    Casey's Playful Los Angeles House — House Tour

    name: Casey Anderson
    address: Highland Park; Los Angeles, California
    Size: 1,100 square feet
    Years lived in: 3 years; Ownership

    The penchant for unconventional operations (read: dodgeball and tap dance), and affinity with Spielberg-ian extraterrestrials, it goes without saying that Casey is a form teacher Catholic rad. An interesting tour and charming home she shows a surprising collection of non-scary dolls classic match with clean lines, modern, and countertops clutter-free Free despite conventional prejudices that usually adequate collection of her colleagues.

    * Re-edit from a tour first published in 2015

    This is the general interior design minimal and understated Casey architecture allows the turn-of-the-century to shine and make the ice cream cone wall decal regularly or ominous wagon full of dolls that much more interesting and unexpected. All motifs cute-as-a-button is placed neatly over her house seems to have a life of their own and the story. Each part of the art collection of Casey, from photos cartoon adventure Time to classic movie posters, has been professionally mounted in a black or white frame sleek to make them binding and display deserved.

    Situated on the hill up-and-coming LA Highland Park, Casey authentic bungalow technology is a rare commodity. Sipping a horchata the hot espresso from Cafe De Leche locally before sweeping his porch and admiring the view of the city from the balcony of her spacious backyard are activities may seem more suitable for a person live in rural areas.

    inside and outside, streamlined furniture combined with warm accents to enable a seamless transition from a night at home with a good book , to a gathering of friends on a cool summer night – and in the summer, I mean the fall, winter and spring too (hey, California!).

    Apartment therapy survey:

    my Style: meets Twin Peaks adventure time meets her your Craftsman home.

    inspiration: Unique thing I see during my trip. All of the cozy, fun or adventure.

    favorite element: I love the large front porch and back deck, and the indoor space is actually open. It’s perfect for entertaining and make the house feel larger than it actually is.

    biggest Challenge: Search for the right pieces. Because my home was built in 1911, some space can be challenging to provide. I was looking for a piece for my living room to replace the recreation center IKEA sad I bought a temporary piece four years ago. That wall is pretty small so it was hard to find something I love match.

    What friends say: Friends like to come over and I store lot brunches, dinners and parties. Everyone says the house is nice and cozy and fit my tastes perfectly. It feels nice to be able to have friends over and have the space to entertain. I love that people feel comfortable and make yourself at home.

    biggest Embarrassment: My Golden Girls dollhouse, complete with mini cheesecakes. It was a gift from a friend, and I love it, although it’s up to her injuries, which was quite high.

    proudest DIY: my lamp monitoring my father made me. He bought land surveyor’s tripod at a flea market, then it is a lamp cord and buy a cool drum shade to go with it.

    biggest Indulgence: custom my armchair. It was one of my first purchases when I moved in. My old apartment was teeny tiny, so I only have a sofa in the living room. I’ve always wanted a beautiful leather armchairs, and this is the most perfect, so I wasted a bit.

    The best advice: Buy what you like and not worry about the source of “cool”. I like to mix high-end and low, making decisions about what is really worth the money that I would keep and what I might want to spend less on and move every few years. Buy for your style, not what others will say about it.

    Dream Source: Room and Board, Scout Regalia, Modernica, estate sales and flea markets .


  • Living Room / Dining Room: Glidden Quiet Light
  • bedrooms: Glidden Smooth Stone
  • kitchen: Granite Boulder Behr
  • External: Dunn-Edwards Sierra Vista
  • Rug: Crate and Barrel
  • lights: DIY project
  • Shelf: Ikea
  • Rating: Family family communication
  • Chile good luck pig: Platform
  • Custom sofa: Sofacraft
  • table: Crate and Barrel
  • Fiberglass rocking chair: Modernica
  • Custom armchairs: Room and board
  • Vintage poster: family heirloom
  • Mirror: family heirloom
  • Dolls: Flea market in the state of Washington
  • Vinyl figures: Gary baseman, Brandi Milne
  • Record shelves: IKEA
  • Adventure time in: Mondo
  • Squirrel print: Pygmy Hippo Shoppe
  • Brick: Casey Anderson, A question of Eagles
  • Chewbacca doll: Rose Bowl flea market
  • Custom color ET water: Etsy
  • Horseshoe: Cari Carmean
  • ET doll: 3D Retro
    • Billy inept paint: Tony Christopherson
  • mid-century furniture: Rose Bowl flea market
  • George Nelson bubble lamp pendant: Modernica
  • Rug: IKEA
  • poster Gremlins : Mondo
  • In the girls: Gary baseman
  • In the guitar player: Talita Hoffman
  • lion skin: family heirloom
  • Rug: Target
  • Art: Gary baseman
  • food: Anthropologie, West Elm, Bloomingdales, Long Beach flea market
  • Gnome planting: Fair sun Rose Bowl
  • Woof Cookie jar: Crate and Barrel
  • cabinet: Schuler, cherry wood, walnut finish
  • bed: Crate and Barrel
  • Linens: IKEA, West Elm
  • ET in: Mondo
  • Nightstand: Sunbeam Vintage
  • mercury lamps: West Elm
  • Dresser: flea market in Santa Monica
  • in: Luisa Possas
  • needle adventure Time: Etsy
  • BATH
  • in Magic Eye: Andrew Jeffrey Wright
  • shower curtain: West Elm
  • Hello friends glasses: Anthropologie
  • Kewpie doll: Toy Art Gallery
  • ET doll calf: wacko
  • French farmers of the table: family heirloom
  • Radio Flyer wagon: family heirloom
  • CD racks : IKEA
  • storage box: IKEA
  • Robot in: Self help Graphics
  • lights: West Elm
  • hexagonal painting: Kristin Farr
  • Custom collage adventure time: Michi Tsunoda
  • Bookshelf: IKEA
  • cabinet Red: IKEA
  • Gizmo paint: Nicole Sloan
  • Vinyl numbers: Nathan Hamill,
  • ET doll: Rose Bowl flea market
  • Call paint Your Mother: Shari Elf
  • Thank you, Casey!

    • HOUSE TOUR ARCHIVE :. Check out the home tour over here
    • Interested in sharing your house with apartments therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour information form.
    • Are you a designer / architect / decorative interested in sharing a residential project with apartments readers? Contact the editors through Information Form Our professional.

    House Committee Tours Follow the apartments Apartment on Pinterest therapy.

    update daily with new tour full image for you to pin & enjoy!

    (Photo credit: Jessica Isaac)

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    Before & After: An Art Deco Dresser Is Restored to Its Former Glory

    Christina was on the hunt for a closet for months when she found this beauty for $ 20 at a local yard sale. She loved the details, but it was in pretty rough shape, so she and her father decided to make it a father-daughter attend their latest.

    They gave wood a good sanding and decided on a two-tone stain that really makes the pop Art Deco details.

    Christina said, “We choose to go at it once a week during the summer, and we could not be more proud of the results, and the memories of working on it together!”

    Thank you Christina!

    Re-edit from a publication ban 05/05/14-NT

    (image credit : Chrstina Copp)

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    Anglepoise®️: The Quintessence of Great British Design

    A bright venerable institution, Anglepoise®️ is the essence of great design his. Original 1227 ™ light of the company was launched in 1935. A pioneer wins, it introduced technology spring constant of the brand and is regarded as the prototype Anglepoise®️ light. An appropriate logo design, modern and timeless, the original 1227 classic record ‘s ™, father of the theory and correctly, described a light-filled with character and poise.

    Original 1227 Anglepoise®️: The Quintessence of Great British Design
    The Original 1227 ™ was launched in 1935.
    Original 1227 at Werkstatt London Anglepoise®️: The Quintessence of Great British Design
    The Original 1227 ™ at the Werkstatt, London.
    The spring technology on an Anglepoise®️ light is a beautiful and intelligent part of the overall design.
    technologies on a light spring Anglepoise®️ is part of the beautiful and intelligent overall design.

    George Carwardine and original 1227 ™

    Herbert Terry and Sons is a family company, founded in 1855, with the creative stream with a “continuous tension “quality will engineer George Carwardine promote (1887 – 1947) on the creation of a task lamp connector. Carwardine has been fascinated by the spring and lever mechanism based on 1932 and presented highlights 4 spring lights his invention. Due to continuous spring mechanism patented by it, light novel combines freedom of movement with perfect balance. 1934, Carwardine licensed his design to Terry and immediately after Anglepoise®️ name registration. At that time, of 4 Spring Carwardine “Model 1208 ™” light entering volume production. Together with designers at Terry, Carwardine remake 4 spring design of the light industry, adapted to suit a consumer base of the domestic market. 1935, 3-spring model 1227 ™ Anglepoise®️ original lamp was launched. Learn more about the story Anglepoise®️ here.

    George Carwardine. Designer of the quintessential Anglepoise®️ Original 1227™.
    George Carwardine. The designer of the original essence Anglepoise®️ 1227 ™.
    Reworking the 3-spring Anglepoise®️for a domestic market.
    redo 3 spring Anglepoise®️for a domestic market.

    Type 75 ™

    For some years it seems Anglepoise®️ faded into the distance, finally regain their legitimate exposure and popularity on 2000s newfound confidence of the brand has no doubt be supported by a collaboration with Kenneth Grange, the designer of industrial products and Anglepoise®️ famous British design director. Grange create notable Type 75 ™ in 2004, was invited by Terry to modify the design of the Model 75, a prototype was designed by George Carawardine than 70 years ago (Source: Museum design). Type75 ™ Grange is a special favorite with designers and architects (and writers too). A handsome model, it sports a modern appearance combined with graceful, flowing lines.

    A Type 75™ in black designed by Kenneth Grange.
    A Type 75 ™ in black, designed by Kenneth Grange.
    The Type 75™ at Seeds Workshop. Photo Credit: Sylvain Deleu.
    Type 75 ™ in County Workshop, London. Photo Credit: Sylvain DELEU
    Type 75™ lamps in the Martyrs Kirk Reading Room, University of St Andrews, Scotland.
    Type 75 ™ lamps in Martyrs Kirk Reading Room, University of St Andrews, Scotland


    2005, Anglepoise®️ was approached by Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre to produce a giant version of the original 1227 ™ lamp (the 1227 original ™ has been used by his writing Dahl hut). A statement piece really creative and ambitious, the original giant floor lamp 1227 ™ attracted a lot of attention and is now mass produced.

    Original 1227™ Giant floor lamp.
    1227 ™ Original giant floor lamp.
    Original 1227™ Giant Outdoor wall-mounted and floor lamps.
    Original lamps and floor lamps 1227 ™ giant outdoor wall.
    Another Anglepoise®️ giant is the Type 75™ Giant.
    a giant Anglepoise®️ is Type 75 ™ Giant.

    Voguish Collaboration

    In 2014, Anglepoise®️ collaboration with fashion designer Paul Smith for the British produced a smart rendering of Type Kenneth Grange 75 ™ in separate fingerprints of fashionable colors

    Anglepoise®️ and Paul Smith first edition.
    Anglepoise®️ and Paul Smith – the first edition ..

    with the success of the one, Anglepoise®️ again partnered with Paul Smith in 2015 to produce a second version of the type 75 ™ Kenneth Grange. With, richer color depth of it, the Type 75 ™ Version Two have polished civility that is different from summer fun and the One.

    Anglepoise®️ and Paul Smith second edition.
    Anglepoise®️ and Paul Smith -. second edition

    Anglepoise®️ joined forces with contemporary designer Margaret Howell clothing to add colorful charm for Type 75 ™ range. A longtime champion of the brand, Howell Anglepoise®️ admired penchant for simplicity, functionality, authenticity and eternal, intrinsic qualities to its own design.

    Margaret Howell's Type 75™ colours: Yellow Ochre, Saxon Blue and Seagrass.
    Margaret Howell Type 75 ™ color. Ochre yellow, blue and seaweed Saxon


    Playing with colors and sizes, Anglepoise®️ introduced “Studio”, a miniature version of the original 1227 ™ . The Studio Edition boasts thirty eight color combinations, from minimal unfussy color to a cacophony of color undisguised

    Original 1227™ Mini Studio Editions: Pink base, arm and shade with a burgundy cable; teal base, arm and shade with a neon yellow twisted cable.
    Original 1227 ™ Mini Studio Editions :. Pink base, arm and shade with a purple cable; teal base, arm and shade with a twisted neon yellow.
    Original 1227™ Mini Studio Edition with a pink base, blue arm, grey shade and black & white cable.
    Original 1227 Mini Studio Edition ™ with a pink base, arms blue, gray and black & white TV.

    All images © 2016 Anglepoise.

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    The Unexpected Reason to Add Plants to Your Home

    There are many reasons to be widely adopted to bring the tree into your home they look nice, they clean the air, they add life to a room. But here’s one you probably have not thought about …

    They can make a space feel larger.

    Yes, really.

    When strategically placed, houseplants dramatic low poked, scanned the ceiling, and spread out will attract the eye, highlights the vertical space or a second floor. Here are nine houseplants over-the-top and how they work as unobtrusive space in a special room. Here are some examples of how it works:

    By adopt Wing Span (as above)

    This is it: the fig leaf fiddle to end all fig leaves fiddle. It is sweeping, graceful, and know exactly how to move in space.

    By Taking You to the next level

    If you have a second floor with a port or a loft, located on the upper floor plants pulled up his eyes. Arrange trees hung along the railing so that they spill over the edge. The explosion of colors call attention to a possibility of the previous highest score in your home, a place where you can see the full height of two stories at once is what.

    A blend drooping leaves attracted attention to the second floor of Jenn & Hunter historic Landmark Apartments.

    According to some of the hit single most of the colors in an all-white apartment, hanging plants along the stunning terraces, invite you to the loft.

    by Go to Great Long

    ivies, Pothos, and strings of pearls playing long and flowing up vertical space in a house. In the same way that the floor-to-ceiling curtains can make a room look taller, long hanging plants draw the eye up. If you have a small space, but surprisingly high ceilings, choose one of these varieties.

    Pothos which lost the entire length of a long, narrow shelf unit shoulders up vertical space in this apartment.

    this grape development to highlight both the beam ceiling and a bench down below.

    tree hanging over your head towards your gaze up, up, all the way to the ceiling.

    By spreading Out

    have you heard of manspreading. . . well, this is the orchid. Vines, stretches along the walls and indoor plants that branch out in all directions shown all the space for development.

    a climbing vine along the length of a wall, up nearly molding, bringing our look around the room.

    by making you feel small

    the towering, over-the-top houseplants can only make you contemplate your own nonsense. They emphasize the large space is really like, because only 20 barefoot can keep them.

    I may have to retract my last statement on fiddle leaf fig tree. This is huge.

    Because each library to a tree high to reach the top shelf, right?

    (image credit: other Ballroom; Bethany Nauert; Urban Outfitters blog, Design Sponge; Emily Billings; Location jj; Rooted from design (Ten Speed ​​Press); Angi Welsch; Tracy Schumate for Covet Garden)

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    Before & After: Bye Bye to '80s Builder Grade Tile

    When Alexia bought his first house, she got all the freedom and joy that comes with home ownership as well as a number of are 80 bathroom tile. With a trip to IKEA, some findings luck and some smart shopping tile, Alexia was able to create a subdued atmosphere on a budget.

    From Alexia :. My house is from the early 1980s, the carpeted bathroom when I moved on (I stripped and polished) and ‘before’ tiles are the original builders DECOR

    The IKEA shelves are half price screens and bricks have been sold. I also bought all the store shelves in T.J. Maxx (T.K. Maxx in Ireland).

    You can see details of Alexia’s blog Rough House Style. Thank you, Alexia!

    (Photo Credit: Submitted by Alexia’s Rough House Style)

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