Laura Blythman's Melbourne Neon Dream Home — Gorgeous Global House Tour

name: and 4-year-old Laura Alexander Blythman
address: eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia
Size: 3 bedrooms, living, and dining
years lived in: 1.5 years; rent

A darling of Melbourne’s thriving art and design world, Laura Blythman known for bright, neon watercolor artwork of their own and playful illustrations and designs . So it’s no surprise when her home colorful, art and life, reflecting the reality of the explosion of color that should be in the beginning of continuous Laura. 4-year-old horse lover at the residence also help add to the fun vibe of households Blythman.

When you walk into the home of Laura, you immediately notice three things: color everywhere, light and beautiful quiet of being away from the city. Living a spacious three-bedroom means Laura can work from home creating new designs and artwork while looking after the 4-year-old Alexander.

Their home is fun and child-friendly. The lovely large windows allow colors in the walls and white art to enable and provide a warm, inviting feeling. the love of the art of others Laura is apparent when you walk around and reconnaissance work many Australian designers in other localities. She is also a bit of a bargain hunter with some pieces of furniture originated on Ebay or found in thrift stores.

Mainly though, was at home Laura remind you of the reasons why it is better to never take ourselves too seriously, and just how big is the life. Surprisingly, only in a colorful space full of hilarious childlike innocence like can change your mood.

Apartment therapy survey:

my Style: colorful, Happy, Nostalgic, Fun, eclectic, warm and friendly.

inspiration: colors, art, humor.

favorite element: the light, all windows trees, lush gardens that I do not need to care, my everything.

biggest Challenge: I hired, so I’m limited in what I can do.

what friends say:

” this place is like ‘Laura’ in the form of “

” the seats are super comfortable to sleep! “

” I wish I can have too much pink in the house I “

biggest Embarrassment: nothing really, but vertical blinds not my fave.

proudest DIY: Neon paint frame. There are not many places in the real DIY!

biggest Indulgence: I’m not a spender huuuuge, but I do night work online regularly splurges on items page fun applications like distributed hamburger from three drawers down, pot and Bride & Pop & Scott Wolfe acrylic medium. I also have a bit of an addiction ceramics. Can not stop. Fave is Milly Dent’s, and Lauren Bridget Bodenham Finkelston (self press).

Best Advice: decorated with things that make you happy, it’s a reflection yours. Do not get too stuck on the trends, seasonal colors …

Dream Source: biggest passion See below!

Resources Note:


ALEXANDER’S playroom





  • Chair – Replica from Ebay
  • Rug – Urban Outfitters
  • Vintage fishy – me since I was little
  • Furniture – all good ole Ikea
  • mountain scape on the shelf – made by me
  • Sun Shine Let In print – Slide Sideways
  • average Blue heart – Lovestar Loves

Thanks, Laura!

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Re-edit from a tour originally published in April 2015 – AB

(Photo credit: Sophie Timothy)

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Kimberly Swings in Style in North Carolina — Small Cool 2016


like this phrase? Favorite it below!

Name: Kimberly

Address: Wake Forest, NC

square Feet: 615

Room: At

what I love About my Home small:

in my small historic building has stone walls, high ceilings and large windows that make it a keeper. Oh, and I like his swing!

Three of my best advice and Tricks for Creating a successful small space:

Every inch of your home does not have to be decorated. white walls and empty surface helps create a peaceful place.

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Set Up Your Own Kitty Postcard Shoot with Landmarks Made Out of Cardboard — Design News

It’s not exactly easy to travel the world with your cat. There are some fun photo ops at home with cardboard playhouses, inspired by the famous landmark.

Created by Dutch company poopy Cat, each home sing with one aspect of interaction, such as a bell or a pad on top Kremlin on the pyramids of the Maya. They are easy to assemble, and if you watch the video, is strong enough to support a fully mature (so your cat will be fine).

The line currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

(image credit: poopy Cat)

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Lizeth's Corner Office — Favorite Room

name & Location: Lizeth in San Diego, California
My favorite Room: Mini Home Office
Specs: 300 square feet, rent

my style has evolved to a mix of modern furniture with decorative elements of organic and eclectic. Since we rent an apartment and do not have the luxury of an extra room for an office, I wanted to combine a small home office to the living room area as organic as possible. I looked for some inspiration on the treatment of the apartment (of course) – I love to see how populations adapt to their limited space in ways that creativity and luxury.

With trees and how these elements mix of office space in the rest of the room, I like to think of my little home office as a useful little oasis.


Thanks, Lizeth! You can see the details on the blog’s Lizeth Coffee & Kinfolk.

Do you want a room in your home (any room!) Is characterized as a treatment room favorite materials sent? Send your room here.

(Photo Credit: Submitted by Lizeth)

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DIY: Mother’s Day Jewelry Dish

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Alice & Lois Fenlon

Day mother is next weekend, can you believe it? If you are still confused about what to get your mama, we have a ridiculously simple DIY gift we are sure she will love. All you need is a simple natural wood panels, that we have become a modern jewelry or acquire all. To turn it into a keepsake even-more-particularly, paint your mother stands; I added a heart of gold, and five in the bottom of the plate. Read on for full instructions for making dishes DIY jewelry this Mother’s Day.

DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted

Click through for the simple step by step guide …

DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted

• wood panels (we use a Crate & Barrel from)
• thin leather or suede decorated in (can be fake also)
• E6000 glue
• thin ice
• yellow paint
• paint brush

DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted

The steps:

1. Create a narrow road down the length of the plate with two pieces of tape.

2. Son between bands using gold paint (you may need several layers). Let dry.

3. While drying, cut two pieces of wire 3-inch.

4. Apply glue to the end of the wire and the compliance side of the plate. You can use duct tape to hold the line to dry.

5. Peel back the tape when dry.

6. Wrap gifts handmade jewelry for his mother!

DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted DIY Mother's Day Wood Jewelry Dish | alice & lois for minted

image: Sara Albers

Mother’s Day ideas posts:
• Mother’s Day Printables morning
• printing: Personalized Flower Bouquet Wrap
• print: Mother’s Day treat Box

Add casting:
• Fabrics
• Labels and Label
• name Labels

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Style Lessons from Today's Small Cool Entries (Vote for Your Favs!) — Entries from Friday, April 29

each house has something to teach, and each small house in a small cooler contest contains lessons and tips for living well while living small. Here’s some wisdom from the current crop of items including the importance of the interior with added storage, a stylish studio with mounts and a lesson in restraint.

Zoning Out

for a studio apartment, the “regional “for the bedroom, living room, dining room works very well, but the home of John proved that keeping a look mount (and a style at that time) throughout the entire home can go a long way towards to work the larger it appears.

hidden potential

Christina sofa is more of a workhorse than you think. According buffer storage space is that she used to store blankets and other bedding. When buying furniture for a small house, be on the lookout for furniture, providing more space.

Sleep on It

Similarly sofa Christina (above), Carina chose a BEF for girls with built-in drawers. It became a bed and wardrobe and prevent dust bunnies under the bed!


We are big fans of the sofa table and it is particularly significant in a small house could use a little extra storage. An added bonus is the return of the sofa blocky visible.

Fun Town

Just because you live in a small house does not mean you can not have some of the “extras”. Kimberly add a swing that does not take up much space and add an element of surprise and fun.

“Big” & Bright

the sloping ceiling can easily feel like they’re closing in on you, but the walls and ceiling white canes and make that feeling go the room feel bright and fresh.

Hang Ups

Annie kitchen cabinets are missing, but she used hangers to store pots and pans and other kitchen gadgets that are not only a good use of space, but makes them easily accessible .

(No) Fill in the Blanks

it’s almost human nature to put up the space you have. Amanda could have put more furniture in the room to open it, but she chose to keep it open, but added to the drama of space.

(image credit: Carrie McBride; read John; read Christina; read Carina; read Elizabeth; read Kimberly; read Jasmine; read Annie; read Amanda)

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Carina's Sunny Portugal Home — Small Cool 2016


as this phrase? Favorite it below!

Name: Carina

Address: Mafra, Lisbon, Portugal

square Feet: 930

Room: international

what I love About my Home small:

Located on the outskirts of the city of Lisbon, our little house on the water is of Sunny Portugal. hundred year tradition of our house has been restored and our design, making it more special.
We love the project and we have to pay attention to the important details of the types of housing.

Three of my best advice and Tricks for Creating a successful small space:

The tip first, transform an attic in a comfortable room, and sun.

tip Second, create a clean space will not overload the visual.

tip Third, different use every available space under the bed for storage.

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How to Save a Table Chewed by a Dog? — Good Questions

Q: my dog ​​was chewing the corner mid-century modern coffee table [see image below] . Since the beginning of the wood veneer, it can not easily be polished down and re-stained. Should I repair the wooden parts and painted a shiny white top, leaving as the basis? Cover with a piece of marble or other stone? -Sent By Tracy

Editor: Tracy, I’m glad you sent in your question (I not glad your coffee table was damaged), because I also have a wood veneer damaged century-stand between modern coffee table! My damage is the result of a collar does not hold a weight plate on a bar … Anyway, readers, what should I save Tracy and lovely coffee table from us? What do you do when the problem goes away rubbing a walnut on it?

• Have a question for our community? Send us your pictures with an attached or two (questions with images receive first answer).

(Photo credit: Tracy)

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Make Your Own Facial Oil — The Kitchn

When it comes to luxurious gifts at the a new mama (or anyone you deserve to be pampered), simple and fragrant oil on your face is an easy project and a homemade nutritious supplement for the stock of supplies seems her beautiful.

meals late (not to mention all the hormonal changes) may take a toll on the skin’s mama. This blend of jojoba, apricot seeds, and primrose oil supplements and nutrients to nourish your skin will look as smooth as a baby’s ass.

Why are the ingredients? Essential fatty acids support the skin’s acid mantle and rebuild the lipid barrier, allowing your skin to heal from within. Geranium, frankincense, essential oils are known for balancing hormones and reducing powers of their wrinkles.

How to skin oils

Make 2 ounces

What you need

2 tablespoons jojoba oil
1 tablespoon apricot kernel oil
1 tablespoon primrose oil
6 drops of geranium essential oil
2 drops frankincense essential oil

2-ounce drip bottle black


    1. oil in bottles funnel :. Using a small funnel, pour the jojoba oil, apricot seeds, and the type of evening primrose oil in bottles
    2. Add essential oils: Carefully drip the style travel, incense, essential oils into the mixture
    3. .
    4. to apply :. Put a few drops into the palm of the hand cleaner, rub together, and click on your skin

      Reserve Note

      • keep the oil out of the sun and it will last for 8-12 months.

      20 Homemade Luxuries for Mama & Baby

      DIY Mama is a month to celebrate DIY mamas everywhere, and give them and their children small homemade luxury for bath, body, beauty, and breakfast happily eating together. Want a little luxury for yourself (or a new mama you know) in your inbox each day? Sign up below!

      (image credit: Quentin Bacon; Lindsay Ribe)

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How a 196 Square Foot Tiny House was Adapted to Fit a Growing Family of Four (Plus a Great Dane!)

I always love a good story small house, but all the articles about people living in a small house, whether it is a person or a couple, a young family, there is only a snapshot of a particular moment in their lives. What happened to the little house perfectly suited for a person when you get married? What happened to the little house that works for a young couple when the family began to grow? Macy Miller and his partner, James Herndon, faced with the dilemma that eventually, but instead of moving, they chose to make some major changes to their home to keep up with changes their family.

my first detected in the Macy Dwell an article from 2014, and was impressed with its performance and clean, streamlined look. I was also very impressed that she built the whole house just $ 11,400. (Macy, an architect, built the house as a way both to save money and to teach their construction, and as an added bonus having James in the process.)

At the time of the story Dwell, Macy was living in the house with James, infant their students, and a great Danes. (Yes, a Great Dane.) But reading it, I could not curious about their current situation. A lot can happen in two years. So I started hunting for updates. Are they still living in the house? How have their home adapted as their daughter grew?

Happiness, Macy has written a blog about the adventures of her little life, and I was able to catch up with her family there. From the story Dwell daughter grew up a bit, and she and James had closed the front gate to make room for the children. (The baby was sleeping in an initial cosleeper, which you can see on the right in the photo on the top.) The addition, which brings the 232’s square footage, including Hazel and bunkbeds for girls baby # 2, a boy.

There are changes in the other parts of the house, too – surrounded the bed means that mom and dad have a little more privacy.

here is the whole family (including the Great Dane) in the living room of his house. Maybe someday, when the kids are older, more adaptable will be needed – but now, for this little family, this small house is a perfect fit.

You can read the original article at the Macy home defense. You can also check the blog of her small house here, and found many many photos of the progress of the house here.

(Credit Image: Stay; Mini motives)

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